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Besides the homemade jams of Turkish cuisine, mezzes and the pastries like cake, cookie and shortbread which are prepared in the own bakery of our hotel, various fresh and organic seasonal vegetables and fruits are served in the open buffet breakfast in “Payitaht” restaurant from 7 am to 10 am, so you may start the day in the best way.
The establishment is featuring Byzantian architecture blended with Ottoman architecture and completed in modern line.


The terrace restaurant “Padişah” is on the 6th floor of the hotel and is dedicated to you as a unique place where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Bosporus, the Marmara Sea, Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapi Palace throughout the whole year.

Presenting the fine taste of healthy seafood and olive oil dishes, which were brought to us through thousands of years by the Mediterranean culture. Moreover, the rich menu of our hotel which has various tastes from Turkish and World cuisine are put into the service of our guests in the terrace restaurant.

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